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Alumni Events in Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium 2016

Last Updated on January 2, 2021

Hello guys! Finally had the time to review a very important event that is so close to my heart. Tri U International Joint Seminar and Symposium! I’m going to write this in English since it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded an all English post.

Tri U 2016 IPB Indonesia

IPB Hosted Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium Again!

So this year is the second year that IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) acted as host of Tri-U. The first time IPB hosted Tri U, I was a participant. It was in 2012 when I was still a last year undergrad student, oh so young… The following years, the event was done in Mie, Japan; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Jiangsu, China. It’s always been these three universities until IPB was decided to be the fourth founder/host.

Tri-U Alumni IPB
A small number of Tri U alumni from the year 2008 until 2015 who came

How To Participate in Tri-U?

To participate, you must be a student of IPB, undegraduate or graduate. Since I’ve already graduated my Master’s Degree earlier this year, then what am I still doing in this event?

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Well, IPB has sent delegates to this event since 2004, that’s 12 years ago! IPB also has a strong Tri-U alumni network, which unite all the alumni since 2004 up until the recent alumni of Tri U 2016. So far, there are 112 Tri U alumni (maybe more – still collecting the data)!

Well, in the Tri U event this year, the committee has graciously invited the alumni to join the Cocktail Party, Alumni Forum, Sharing Session, Business Visit, Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party! Wohoooo The alumni job was to prepare the content of Alumni Forum and Business Visit. Not to mention we also have a discussion with the honorable founders and professors from the other visiting universities. Plussss prepare a speech for the Closing Ceremony *gasp*.

Alumni Events in Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium 2016
The Closing Ceremony where we have to prepare a speech!

Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium Alumni Forum

Alumni Events in Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium 2016
Adorable alumni pin :))

The alumni prepared presentation and shared our experience since this forum is stricly alumni only. Ka Ahsan and Ka Sabil generously provided each alumni with a “Hello, My Name Is …” pin so we can recognize each other and our Tri U Year 😀

At the end of the alumni forum, Tri U 2015 alumni from China and Thailand also joined this session since we  have to brainstorm what we want to do for the future of Tri U Alumni. The result? We decided to make a FB group called Global Tri U Alumni to connect all of the alumni of Tri U, regardless of their country and university! Cool!

Alumni Events in Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium 2016
Alumni from three out of four countries came!

Alumni Sharing Session

Alumni Events in Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium 2016
Alumni shares their thoughts and feelings about the program.

The time has come for sharing session with the founders and professors. The moderator is Ibu Endah for this session. We had a fruitful talk with the founders about the foundation of Tri U and experiences that we gained. Also what is needed to improve the program.

Alumni also launched our idea of Global Tri U Alumni and ask for the universities to help gather alumni database. Pssst, I heard some scholarship is going around for the winners of best presentation or best poster. Hopefully it will happen in the near future 🙂

Alumni Events in Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium 2016
Alumni with the founder of Tri U and professors from participating universities

Alumni Events in Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium 2016
Alumni with Prof. Ito (the founder of Tri U) and Ibu Endah (Mom of Tri U Indonesia)

Business Trip

In this business trip, the alumni has a chance to visit Bogor Life Science and Technology (BLST). BLST is IPB Holding Company with the head office located in Taman Kencana, about 10 minutes drive from our venue in IICC Botani. We are greeted by the Head of BLST and got goodybag filled with BLST products! I believe some got oats and other nutritional product. Yum!

Tri-U Alumni IPB
Some of the alumni with the head of BLST and staff of BLST

Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium Closing Ceremony

This is the part where I become emotional hahahaha. It reminded me of 4 years ago. This part is when the winners are announced and I suddenly remember that it was me up in the stage that got Best Presentation for the Theme of Food :“) Ahh pregnancy hormones really made me emotional hahaha.

IPB won a bunch of awards too, congrats! After the awarding session, come the alumni speech. The one who get to do the speech is guess who? ME. So here I put my speech that I wrote in like 30 minutes and got it printed right before the Closing Ceremony began. Not bad Faradila, not bad *self approval hahaha*. So if any of you need services in writing speeches or even MC, call me (a small commercial break from a pregnant mom-to-be hahaha)

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Speech From Alumni Representative (aka me!)

Alumni Events in Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium 2016

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Good Afternoon everyone,

I am Faradila and I am an alumnus of 19th Tri-U in 2012 or the first Tri-U in Indonesia. On the behalf of the alumni, we would like to thank the committee for the opportunity that is given to us today. Today, the alumni had a very special chance to hold its own alumni forum and conduct a sharing session with Tri-U founders, professors and lecturers.

First, we would like to congratulate you all on your achievements today. All of the hard work and preparation has paid off and starting tomorrow, you all are officially Tri-U alumni. Give a round of applause to everyone.

From our alumni experience, we feel that the same Tri-U journey that we took years before certainly has made a difference in our lives. Now, alumni from all over the world, from Indonesia, Thailand, China, Japan and other neighboring countries has established themselves. Some continue their Masters Degree, PhD, Post-Doc to be scientist and lecturers, while some work in important government and private sectors, some even start their own business and be an entrepreneur.

The valuable lessons we got from Tri-U certainly shape us to what we are today. We gain confidence in ourselves, as Tri-U is one of the events that pushed us to enter the “global village” whether we like it or not. We learned soft skill that is essential in future careers and also networking and friendship from all around the world. For that, we would like to thank the Tri-U founders and also our beloved lecturer that take their time to help us become a better global citizen through Tri-U.

We feel that the networking and friendship are one of the most memorable and important part of this event. Mutual understanding between youth in countries around the globe is needed. Up until now, the alumni network in Tri-U is limited to only inside the country or only within you Tri-U years. That is why, this morning in the alumni forum, we decided to try to integrate every single alumni of Tri-U in one big Facebook group called Global Tri-U Alumni.

In that group, alumni from every year and every country that has joined Tri-U are invited to join and share things like scholarship info, job listing, seminar/ symposium info, travel plan, and tips and even throwback of pictures and videos of the Tri-U we attended. We would like also to invite the founders, professors and lecturers to join the group so that we all can be one big family.

That’s why we need all of your help. We need you to keep being in contact in each other in the future. We also need the universities’ help in gathering alumni information, so no one is left behind. This is just a small step that we, as alumni, try to initiate this year. Who knows maybe one day, with the large number of Tri-U alumni, we can integrate to make a project together for a better world. The opportunities are endless!

So I close this speech by giving some token of appreciation in behalf of Tri-U Alumni Indonesia to Ibu Endah Agustina as our beloved Tri-U supervisor starting from day 1 and Prof. Nobutaka Ito as one of Tri-U’s founder, the one who started it all. Also we would like to give token of appreciation to representative from Mie University, Japan; Jiangsu University, China and Chiang Mai University, Thailand as the three founder of Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium. This is a package of Ecofunopoly, an environmental board game created by one of our Tri-U 2011 alumni, Annisa Hasanah.

I would like to close this speech by thanking all the alumni for their hardwork and dedication up until now, professors and lecturer who has pushed us to the max and made a difference in our lives and the committee for successfully organizing yet another fabulous Tri-U event. I hope this alumni initiation will make a better Tri-U network in the future. Thank you for your kind attention. See you in the next Tri-U!

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

We also played a tribute video to Mbak Herma, an alumni who passed away while doing her studies in Washington State University. People got emotional during that phase, RIP Mbak Herma :’) You will always inspire us with your spirit and persistence.

Alumni Events in Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium 2016
Me and my duck-face during speech. Ka Potter with her Ecofunopoly.

Time For Farewell Party!

Tri U 2016 IPB Indonesia

After the closing ceremony comes the farewell party! This is the fun part where we eat, chat, minggle, take pictures and watch the delegates perform their cultural performance. The delegates from Japan even put on cosplay for all of us! Kawaiiii~  I wasn’t there since I have a doctor’s appointment, but I was so glad to see all the alumni here just for the event 🙂

Tri U 2016 IPB Indonesia

It was a fun and productive day, that what’s always been if I hang out with Tri U people. Hopefully we can get everyone involved and make this Global Tri U Alumni a good project. Wish us luck!

Special thanks to Mbak Devi, the head of Tri U alumni (even though she always denies it and says I’m the head of the alumni hahaha) for bringing us all together. Thank you to Ka Potter, Ka Adi, Ka Andra, Ka Ahsan, Ka Sabil, Tasya, Mumu, Febri, Rizky and all of the Super-Team Tri U Alumni for making the event run smoothly as possible.

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Thanks Ka Devi, Mumu, Febri and Radit for the pictures in this post. Wish us luck for future alumni project! See you in the next Tri U International Joint Seminar & Symposium (with me and baby of course!).

Tri-U IPB Alumni
Superteam Tri-U Alumni! Love the super teamwork in a short amount of time 😀

Tri-U IPB Alumni
Thank you ka Devi (left) and Muhana (right). Love youuuu both!


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