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About Me - Faradila Danasworo Putri


🧕 A Pisces born in March 3 1990.

🧕 Currently in the Mom Millennial demography. A mom of 1 and also a wife.

🧕 Blogging with a side of teaching college classes, English classes, MC, moderator and video voice-over.

🧕 Bogor is my home, but so is Gainesville, Florida.

🧕 I have a love for agriculture, food, books, music, movies, make up, travelling and anything else I can get my hands on!


Faradila Danasworo Putri successfully managed to get a bachelor and a master degree from IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) under my belt. Yes, they are all in the field of Agriculture (Agronomy & Horticulture as well as Plant Breeding and Biotechnology).

Attended playgroup Libby, TK Akbar, Joseph Williams Elementary School, SD Polisi 4 Bogor, Howard Bishop Middle School, SMP 2 Bogor & SMA 6 Bogor. So you probably know me from one of these schools.

I love meeting new people and travel. That’s why I’m active in International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) LC IPB during my college years. This organization is a blessing! Other than that, I will forever be a lifelong member in Himpunan Mahasiswa Agronomi (Himagron) IPB, along with my mom and dad as alumni. Along my college years, I also joined various activities that introduced me to many inspiring people and made me who I am today.


Currently I am blogging to document my life stories and also share information with others. You don’t really know what others might need. Since I love socializing, I have a membership in Blogger Perempuan, Kumpulan Emak-emak Blogger, Indonesian Female Bloggers, BP Network, Blogger Crony, Blogger Bogor, Indonesia Beauty Blogger, and many more. I am super excited meeting and getting to know new people.

I’m getting a hang in this blogging thing and starting to feel confident in writing again (both in Bahasa Indonesia and English). But learning is a never ending process, right? Lots to do along the way.

Meanwhile, come see my achievements in the blogging world!


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