Monday Meetup! I have the super lucky chance to catch up with fellow @iaasipb alumni in campus today 😍😍😍 something that can rarely be done in this age (hahahaha)…

On the left is @erik_mulya aka #erikneverstop my senior in AGH who’s travelled Europe and US plus he’s already finished his Master’s Thesis on time.
Next is the new drh @rioang89 who’s just finished his DVM comprehension test and now a legit vet! He’s going away for Master’s in Edinburgh on Friday. On the far right is @annisaa_potter my senior since junior high. She just launched her book Student Traveller about her adventures travelling. She’s been to 21 country in 5 years! (Review of her book coming soon in blog 😊)

All of them are super inspiring in their own way. ❀ It doesn’t make me jealous though, it makes me more motivated to do something great in my own field of work and expertise. Since the best thing we can do for others is to support and inspire each other in life.
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