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Weekend + Food Waste: The Truth and Solution

Last Updated on January 7, 2019

So starting off the weekend feeling…

1. Antisocial. I haven’t open my facebook page in decades on desktop mode. Feeling kinda left behind in all particular social scene. Oh well. Might as well catch up this holiday 😀

2. Geeky. Googled photosynthesis photon flux and how to convert it into Watt/m2, running data on SAS finding out if it’s truly different statistically using DMRT and just wanna read journals about eggplants (still on bucket list)

3. Informative. Sooo, today I did myself a little kultweet on Food Waste. IMO, I think this is another serious problems that our modern society is facing. In one side of the world, people are hungry, aching for some food to be inside their stomach. While on the other side, people are getting sick of super big portion and leaving most on the plate, uneaten and thrown off to the garbage. I mean 1 billion people still living in hunger and we’re throwing away 1/3 of the food we produced. How ironic and unbalanced!

If we can help save those food we didn’t eat, surely there is a better food balance in the world. The agricultural system does not have to reach its maximum and sometimes overused cultivation cycles to help supply the food that are meant to be thrown away in the end.

Since I am a good citizen of the world, I hereby support the UN movement in dealing with Food Waste called “Think. Eat. Save”. I think it’s a great start for a movement dealing with awareness on how to eat right and just save the food for the ones who truly need them. Think of it as sharing and doing the right think. Tidak mendzalimi as us Indonesian people and Muslems like to call it. 🙂
Wanna check out what’s I said about food waste? Feel free to view my twitter at www. or to save the hustle and bustle of viewing my oh-so-ever-changing timeline, you can click on

4. Confused. Unreplied texts. Unfinished proposal. Unread journals. Unchecked social media wants. Unfinished online business. Oh so much things for so little time.

5. Hell yes prepared. For vacation. For Ramadhan. O:) Hope you guys prepare well too. Cheers!


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