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My Journey with IAAS IPB and IAAS Indonesia

Last Updated on December 10, 2018


Sorry for the late birthday present. I just wanna tell the story of the adventures I have in IAAS from 2008 until 2012. Yes 4 years in this amazing organization. Hopefully it inspires you to do great things for the future of IAAS 😀

First time IAAS LC IPB caught my eye is during MPKMB. I remember there was ka Dodz and ka Isma standing in front of GWW, showing the IAAS video and we were just in  awe that there is actually an international organization of students in the agricultural  field. AWESOME! When the open recruitment starts, I applied and I remember chatting with ka Erik, my senior in AGH department, who’s just telling how cool IAAS is.  Hahaha, it was pretty fun and that’s when I realize that this is not like any other organization in campus. I was intervied by ka Galih (mapres!), ka Randy and I kinda forgot, if not mistaken ka Chiqa. When the results came, I became one of the lucky few that are accepted to be the IAAS candidate IAAS Orientation Program (IOP) member. Dito, my best friend since freshman year until now is also accepted! It’s nice having someone that you know so well also joining the same organization. 🙂

What is IOP? Well let’s just say it’s an event where we truly become IAAS’ers. There is a strict rule that if you don’t come, no matter how good you are, you won’t be able to be an IAAS member officially. But there are stuff that we need to do before we make it to IOP, which is to join ICC (IAAS Conversation Club – an English speaking forum for 1 hour) every Wednesday in Corridor GKA and be a committee of the FIRST IAAS OLYMPIC (yessir, the first!). I really enjoyed ICC so much, because that’s where I met other IAAS’ers like ka Leo as well as candidate member. Fun! I was also a PDD (Publication Documentation and Decoration) member for the first olympic. I remember working with Tia, which in the future works with me in so many IAAS event :)) We also are split up into group for IOP, where we have to make paper, cook, perform and just do task together. I was in one group with Arga, where in our performance, I really slapped him. It was acting but everyone including him was shocked. Hahahaha, apparently I slapped too hard. Nowadays, people say it was the slap of love. -_-

IOP 16 first picture together! 🙂 where are they now? 

Done with IOP, then I entered Exchange Program Department. I joined it with Rio, Ririn, Nilam, Ka Andina, Ka Huda aaaaand I voluntered to be ICC weekly coordinator! Yes, people call me juragan ICC and I was eager to spread to word on ICC. I posted it on mailist, and I actually give flyers around to my fellow IOP 16 and other IAAS members to spread in class, so that people are interested in joining. I made the King-Queen-Prince-Princess of ICC, an award that rewards the members who came to ICC the most. It was hard work, but it was super fun! My big leap in IAAS career came in 2009 when I was offered the job as the Secretary of the 2nd IAAS Olympic. I said yes because I wanted to know what it was like to work as a Secretary. It was very challenging but rewarding at the same time. Problem comes but we are able to make it with the help of IAAS Indonesia, IPB, Dikti and other sponsors for the event. Ka Titis even curse me, she says that I will be a secretary in all my career in IAAS. That kind of happens…

IAAS LC IPB in Ciwidey. 2009.

I was persuaded to run for Executive Secretary of IAAS LC IPB by ka Tina. I took the challenge, but lost to Ka Sarah in the 2009/2010 period. However, I was picked as the Executive Secretary II for that period. So it was my first experience being a BPH in IAAS LC IPB. It wasn’t too hard of a work, since we have the main Secretary. I mostly deal with letters and of course the TIME CONSUMING END OF THE YEAR REPORT (LAT).

In the year 2010, is also the year of IAAS World Congress in Indonesia. I got the priviledge to be the Event Division member. I was in charge of Excursion, but the Head of the Event Division, Ka Ifa have to go on KKP during WoCo and she left me in charge during the D-Day! Wow, my first real big responsibility! I have to organize the event, which had a last minute change of venue since it was graduation day. We have to alter everything and it was pretty stressful. But we are an awesome team of course and we made it fantastic until the end. I’ll probably write more detail about WoCo later :p Some of the most memorable part is having to contact the Rector and setting up a video welcome introduction, very hectic! And of course getting close to him (read. Arga) hahahahaha. :3

Random big IAAS LC IPB dinner together near campus!

The experiences I have in that year, give me the knowledge I need to have to be the Executive Secretary in the year to come. I run for office in the year 2010/2011 along with Dias as LCD, Iqdam as DLD and Tia as treasurer. We also have some fierce CCLC, hahaha. We have so many great events that years, with its ups and downs, we become a closer family. 🙂 It was nice to work along with your best friends. I have KKP in the middle of the year, but I have a very capable Executive Secretary 2, Agatha, whos willing to back me up on the job. This was also my first year going to IAAS Indonesia National Congress in Surakarta (Solo). It was a great experience finally meeting the people in IAAS Indonesia and having a great time discussing the future of IAAS with all of them.

EC BPH & Head of Division IAAS LC IPB 2010/2011 😀 left-right top : Agus, Dias, Iqdam, Sobich bottom : Nadine, Dewi, Agatha, Me, Icha, Tia

When the 2010/2011 years ends, it was time for the EC & BPH to step down. I on the other hand was picked to be a Control Council of Local Committee in the year 2011/2012! Wow, another year contributing in IAAS. I held the Coordinator position and the other CCLC that I have to work with was Ka Ifa and Ulfah. I have to say it was very challenging to meet the former CCLC standard, but we made our own. :3 CCLC is just about seeing the work, controlling and evaluation. It was not as hard work as the past years in IAAS. Since in 2012, I have other things to attend to, such as finishing up my studies and WoCo.

WoCo? World Congress? What?! Yes, I was one of the Indonesian delegates to the 2012 IAAS World Congress in BELGIUM AND GERMANY along with Aldith, Fadil, Farah, Christy and Arif! Hore! 😀 I applied and got accepted as the highest scoring delegates in the Exchange Program line. 🙂 Alhamdulillah. I also have to go to the National Congress in Bandung to get prepared, make proposals for funding, prepare country documents, VISA & travel stuff and others! Oh my it was a challenge getting those together on time! But the reward is priceless! 5 weeks in Europe is more than enough! I had a once in a lifetime experience there, even though before there was an urge for me to quit, but as the Head of the Delegates, I have to go on with the show. All of the delegates succesfully went to WoCo without anyone left behind. We made some discussion also for a better IAAS future, share experiences and ideas and have fun with the other WoCo delegates. Maybe a more detailed story of WoCo coming soon also. :p

IAAS World Congress in Belgium-Germany 2012!

Going back from WoCo, it was time to prepare for the CCLC report and to finally be finished with IAAS work. 4 years of contributing in IAAS really gave me more experience. I am also astonished that right now I am one of the people giving presentations in front of new members, giving them knowledge and inspiration. I never thought that I would be one of those people who do that. Hahaha, in my point of view it was Ka Tina, Ka Sabil, Ka Galih, Ka Efrat, Ka Sarwar, Ka Daniel, Ka Dodz and other, now it’s me! 🙂 Such a blessing.

I have to say thanks to IAAS for it’s lessons, inspiring alumni and members that gave me opportunities to achieve great things during my years as an undergraduate students. I have finished my Bachelor studies right when I was finished having duties for IAAS. You can say that during the 4 years, IAAS was always with me. Awesome family, strong work ethic and hard partying, hahaha. That’s what I have to say about IAAS. Hopefully in the future, I can be an alumni who also can help out the current IAAS members and give them inspiration. This is my story in IAAS. I know there are many more, and in the future there might be stories better than mine. Nevertheless, I am proud to be an IAAS member. 🙂 Think globally, act locally!

With love, Faradila D. Putri

Photos courtesy of Iqdam Nadirman FB 🙂


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