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Thanks 2012! – My 2012 Story

Last Updated on December 10, 2018

Well this is the last day in the year 2012, just want to look back and reflect on all the good (and maybe bad) things happening in 2012. I mean it’s only right to cherish the good things happening in your life and learn from the bad ones, so in 2013 we’ll grow to be a better person that does not make the same mistakes. 🙂 So here’s to the moments I cherish in 2012, from January – December.

1. Last position in IAAS.
I got to be a Coordinator of the CCLC (Control Council of Local Committee) for the last year in IAAS. Wow, another great year of contributing!

2. IAAS Indonesia National Congress, Bandung
The second natcon that I’ve been on, it’s super special. Why? Because I was there as a World Congress delegate! 😀

3. Birthday & Car Wreck
Having my 22nd birthday and one year anniversary with Arga 🙂 It was unforgettable since the day before my birthday, my car totally broke down in Bekasi. 😐

4. The Year of Undergraduate Research
Started and finished my undergraduate research on chilli pepper yield evaluation. It taught me a lot of things such as consistency and patience. For three months all I do is harvest and weigh chilli peppers. But it’s finally finished! And it shows who’s there for you to help out too. Who’s willing to spend a little bit of their time for you. Thanks guys! You know who you are. 🙂

Exactly on January 1 2012 🙂 Thanks guys for helping out!

5. Last Year with Indigenous AGH 45
IT’S SO INCREDIBLE BEING WITH THEM! And it’s really sad to spend the last year together. Thankfully we had some moments, such as the Makrab in early January, the ice skating trip to MTA with the course group, the get together with fireworks and good food!, the seminars, thesis exams and graduations. 🙂

Ray’s graduation with some of the Indigenous AGH 45 🙂

6. Being one of the 60 Young Leaders of Indonesia (McKinsey & Co.) Wave 4
It was truly a nice experience! In my opinion, it is one of the best youth development activity in Indonesia! You get so many information, learn skills, develop yourself and meet so many great people in the process. I’ll write more about this in a future post 🙂

With a few of Indonesia’s great future leaders! 😀

7. Learning Who Your Friends Are and Who the Person You Love Is
I think this year really takes it toll on who you can trust and who are just there to talk behind your back. It was also the year of unbelieveable problems in my relationship. Mean people just get in the way and can’t seem to talk about anything nice about me behind my back. You can say that you can be stabbed in the back, and people don’t respect your relationship. I forgive, but I never forget. So I’ll never forget you and you and you who put me through a hard time. Nevertheless, they say if you can go through huge problems in your relationship, then you’re all set. Thankfully my relationship survived and we’re just being better each day. 🙂

8. Going to Europe!
Being on the World Congress delegates gave me the opportunity to travel to Europe! Luckily this year was in Belgium and Germany, so I have time to explore Belgium and a bit of Germany. Not only that, we also took time to PARIS and go around Netherland! Amazing! 🙂

Medieval guard found in the streets of Ghent, Belgium! 

9. Suiji Forum 2012
I think it was one of the most fun experience ever! At first we didn’t know what SUIJI is, but it is a Six University Intiatives Japan Indonesia and the Forum was held in IPB in 2012. So we have a student forum and a lecture forum. I was assigned as one of the LO and it was so much fun! I even got the chance to be a moderator for the student forum along with Dito and Upi! We also made a student initiative with the Japaneese students. Overall, it was great! 🙂

Some of the Indonesian and Japaneese Students :3

10. Tri University International Student Symposium 2012 – Indonesia
This event takes so much of my time, but I won’t regret it. I presented my paper on my research and I actually made the cut to be one of the 20 IPB-Indonesian delegates. I was also a volunteer in the secretariat division, so you can imagine how hectic it was to help out with the event and practice my presentation AND dance. Yes, we had to dance a traditional dance. 😐 Alhamdulillah all the hard work payed off. I was the Best Presenter in the Food Session (big props for that)! More detailed stories with pictures coming soon :3

The students participant! So many, try to find me. 😉

11. Getting a Bachelor of Agriculture Degree!
FINALLY I FINISHED MY UNDERGRADUATE THESIS AND GRADUATE IN 2012!! :)) So happy that my academic stuff is out of the way. Many thanks to the people, especially lecturers, field assistant and friends who helped out during my studies. Also to my family *lovelove* But I still have to wait until February 2013 to have the graduation ceremony. -_- I know graduation at IPB sucks, there is a quota hahaha.

12. Jobs. MC & LO Jobs Everywhere
Alhamdulillah, in 2012 I got the opportunity to be MC and LO at many international events. 🙂 I MC’ed with Febri in an ASEAN and KLH event about Peatland in July. Then I MC’ed with Dito and also Febri in International Student Summit held by DIKTI and IPB. There is also one MC opportunity in the EXPERT III Socialization hosted by IPB and Erasmus Mundus. The last was the First International Plantation Conference with IPB-UITM Malaysia. Besides MC-ing, I was also LO in those events! Cool experiences and nice payoff :p hahaha.
Other jobs are I held presentations in front of IAAS’ers fellows in Scientific Forum about Presentation, in IAAS Olympic Round Table Discussion and I was jury in some various events within IAAS as well as in IPB.
Alhamdulillah for the opportunities given. Hopefully more coming up in 2013!

On the job with Dito in the EXPERT III Socialization.

13. Assistant Researcher, Assistant Lecturer, Graduate School = Prepare the Future!
Yes, now I’m preparing for the future! By being assistant researcher at PKHT that attends to indigenous vegetable, assistant lecturer for the Genetics in Plant Breeding course and applying Grad School here and there, I’m preparing the future. Fun, but making me anxious! We all have the fear of not getting or not being what we want. Hopefully Allah will give me the best no matter what! 🙂 Just trust and try my hardest to prepare for 2013 and beyond. 🙂

So, thanks 2012, for making this a fruitful and wonderful year full of lessons! 🙂
So what’s going to happen in 2013? Hopefully more great things!
2013, please be nice. Bismillahirahmanirahim! 😀


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