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Last Updated on January 7, 2019

Indonesia have a bright future ahead. Why not? We are one of the biggest country in the world, plenty of natural resources, strategic geographical position like what all of us learned since elementary school and a you-can-get-anything-done-anywhere-and-by-anyone lifestyle. But imagine 10, 20, 30 years in the future. What do we want Indonesia to be? And are we, now, what our founding fathers and what the veterans hoped we would be?

This is the part when youth comes in. Youth in Indonesia who populated 25% of the population in pretty powerful. We are in charge of this country in basically a couple of decades. However, do the youth today really have what it takes to make Indonesia at least a better place in the future? Looking at today’s problems such as social inequality, consumptive lifestyle, lack of education, criminality and youth related trouble, it seems that Indonesian youth really have to step up the game if we really want the dreams we have today to happen in the future.

We NEED Indonesian youth who are creative. Able to solve problems efficiently with a quick mind. Able to think outside the box and get fresh, useful ideas.

We NEED Indonesian youth who are not afraid to make a change. They are not afraid to stick up for the right thing. Desire a better environment and living.

We NEED Indonesian youth who are honest. The ones that does things for the sake of others. Those who has squeaky clean leadership.

We NEED Indonesian youth who are humble. Staying true to their grassroot understanding. Having compassion for those in need.

We NEED Indonesian youth who are capable. They are the ones who excel in their own talent. Making Indonesia a better place in their own expertise.

We NEED Indonesian youth who are high in tolerance, willing to embrace differences and work together to achieve a sustainable network.

We NEED Indonesian youth who are strong. Ready to face anything the society throws at them. Have a high dignity and self respect.

We NEED Indonesian youth who have a strong vision on what Indonesia can do in the future. Remember, your dreams drives you to do great things.

We NEED Indonesian youth who are acting locally. Willing to create a difference in their own society. Searching Indonesia’s potential and maximize its strength.

We NEED Indonesian youth who are thinking globally. Able to compete by bringing Indonesia’s name to the global table. Who are able to show how powerful this nation is in the international world.

We NEED Indonesian youth who are proud to be Indonesian.

85 years has passed since Sumpah Pemuda. An oath that unites youth during those time, to stick together as one Indonesia. Now’s the time maybe to renew our oath. An oath that stated not only that we unite for Indonesia, but an oath to be able to do great things for Indonesia.

Selamat Hari Sumpah Pemuda, Indonesia.
I hope I’ll be able to do the great things that I said I will do. One day. 🙂


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