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Things (Do) Get Tougher

Last Updated on January 7, 2019

Things do tend to get tougher in life as we grow older.Career. Education. Love. Decisions.
All those things that you look forward to when you were little suddenly aren’t quite that simple anymore.
The burden gets heavier, the challenges become harder.

As a person who right now does not have a very clear idea about what should I be doing for the future, things do get a little scary.

When the conversations you had last night just got you thinking, is this the right decision that I’m making? Why hasn’t that thought crossed your mind at least once? Am I just not good enough? Should I just leave to be egoistic and aim higher at what I want? Are we in the same page? Why does this bug me? And the question just keep coming and coming and coming…

In fact, as we grow old, things do get tougher.

We analyze every decision so carefully that sometime we over think and predict stuff that will almost entirely have a pretty small chance of happening.

But admits all that, I still have faith.

Faith that God does not give you challenges or burden that you can’t handle. It’s just a way to test out our capacity and capability.

After we’re done, we can look back and see how much we develop, how much we grow and amazingly how easy and small it was now compared to then.

For example? Like writing undergrad thesis. It was an unbearable process then, but now it seems quite simple (yeah, since I got a big one coming -_- master thesis). But anyhow, that’s how I feel.

So I guess I just have to tackle all this one by one then.  Getting the answers to the questions, doing things that needs to be done and planning what needs to be planned.
All that with just one simple magic prayer word to start it all, bismillahirahmanirrahim. 🙂

– written during rainy season in Bogor, West Java. Perfect condition to sit and wonder about these small but powerful things.


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