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Last Updated on November 15, 2018

one of a kind relationship. 🙂

It’s the classic story of best friends getting away from the friendzoned area. We know each other so well that we did not mind to be together. We dealt with major troubles and minor problems. We adapt not so well, but we’re getting there. The reason is your patience never run out on the one you love. The one you want to work it out with the most. The one that you can imagine achieving great things with.
You can never get a man to love like a woman. I showed that I love him in ways that are different than the ways he showed that he love me. We rarely text, we communicate when we have to. It kind of hard at first, but getting used to it.

Sometimes I wish he was more like other boyfriends, you know the one that is soooooo hung up on their girlfriend. Lovey dovey all the time and all over the place. But when I think about it, I love him for who he are. I love him during his best times, he really is the best, and during his obnoxious, ignorant, stubborn worst times. Well maybe he’s not quite perfect, but then, you need someone to fill your imperfections, right? 🙂


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