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Long Journey To The Day Before! :)

Last Updated on November 15, 2018

Hai guys, long time since the last post on this blog. To keep you updated, I have been very busy with writing my research thesis and to prepare for the Summer trip to Europe! :))

I am one of the Indonesian delegates to go to the IAAS World Congress in Belgium and Germany this Summer. The preparation to achieve stomping my feet on Europe’s ground was mortifying. Struggle with my research, thesis, finding money, getting visa, ticket and all was exhausting.

Getting the Schengen visa wasn’t an easy process either. We gotta get letters from our ICO, buy insurance, have a booking of our flight ready, paperworks and finding a slot in the Netherland Embassy visa interview. It was pretty easy when you filled out all the paperworks and your intentions are clear. Interviewing in the morning and getting your visa in the afternoon is pretty fast too. Thanks Netherland Embassy! 🙂

As for my research, it’s finished! My thesis is actually almost done too so I am excited! But the sad thing is that I missed out my friend’s seminar and all during the WoCo trip 🙁 Well you can’t have everything you cant, right?


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