Last Updated on March 9, 2018

My #mancrushmonday on duty ??? Alhamdulillah I have him are the words I say every single day. A hard worker with a smart and fun personality. He gets his job done at attending and helping farmers across Indonesia, basically he got my dream job. Travelling to places, setting up farming demoplots, having great ideas are just some of the things that make me jealous and adore him.

He’s also a family man who cares so much about the people he loves. I’m glad that now I am a part of his family (plus Baby ? also!). I always wish for him health and luck everyday so that his days are smooth and he can come home safe to our family. We don’t have everything yet but it will be a blast trying to be successful with you side by side. Bismillahirahmanirrahim, semangat mencari rezeki halal untuk keluarga yaaa ❤ Baby ? and I love you very much, Arga
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