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In Memoriam of Dr. Rahmi Yunianti :’)

Last Updated on December 10, 2018

sigh* just got the chance to write this now. 🙁 How does it feel to lose somebody all of a sudden?

Monday morning seems to be like a usual morning, until my Dad broke the news that Dr. Rahmi Yunianti, Mrs. Echa, the wife of my thesis advisor – Mr. Syukur, passed away. I was in shock. It was double the shock that she had just given birth to a baby girl 6 days prior AND it was her birthday the day before. 🙁 I feel so guilty that I had not got the chance to see her and congratulate for the birth. :’(

Mrs. Echa was our beloved plant breeding and statistic lecturer. She can explain complicated  things so easily and into things we finally understand. A true jenious. She was born to teach! She was a lively and fun lecturer, the room was filled with laughter as she told jokes and experiences in front of the class. I became close to her in early 7th semester when I was starting to undergo research in the Plant Breeding department of Agronomy and Horticulture Dept. of Bogor Agricultural University. Even though she wasn’t my official thesis advisor, she was more than welcome to answers all my questions and share her knowledge about chili pepper breeding, the topic of my research. She’s was person who give me more insight about my research, what will people benefit from my research, give photography and slide designing tips and just sharing stories about how to be a better person.

What I miss most about Bu Echa, is how she makes the lab more alive. :’) I remember that she always asks and monitor my activities in the lab. She keeps asking like how many more harvest to go? and such. She gets so excited when I finnaly finish my 3 months long harvest. And she believes that I will have a degree by the end of August (amiiin, Ma’am!). And I also miss the endless stories about funny things that she knows and experience during her time as a plant breeder. About her struggle characterizing AVRDC chilis which are a LOT. About the students (undergrad and graduates) that inhabit the Plant Breeding lab. About her childrens. 🙂 Hilarious and inspiring at the same time.

Now Indonesia has yet lost another wonderful horticulture plant breeder. :’) She may be long gone now, but she and the late Mrs. Sriani always inspires me. To be a plant breeder, a lecturer, active in many events, do researchs and yet have a perfect household. That’s my dream! Right now, I’m just trying to wrap up my thesis and look for universities abroad in which that they have fantastic plant breeding programs. Hopefully, I’ll be as great as both of my “mom” in the Plant Breeding lab. Thank you for EVERYTHING, yes every little thing, Mrs. Echa. You will be greatly missed by all of us. May you be in Allah’s special place, rest in peace. :“”)

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