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Landed in Narita, Partying in Chiba

Last Updated on January 7, 2019

Excuse the title, but that was what (kinda) happened when we arrived in Japan. To continue the story before, I only had 20 minuted of watching Godzilla left when the plane is preparing for landing. Oh well, should continue on the flight back, please remind me haha.

So when we arrive at Narita, it was bloody sunny. You could not see that a typhoon was there a couple of hours ago. I guess the sun do really come out after the storm. We made past immigration and contacted Ai, our IPB friend who was already in Chiba since August. She told us that Mas Fedri was in the airport also and can show us the way to the train that is heading to Inage (the station closest to the Chiba International House).

We finally met Mas Fedri at the prayer room (so nice Japanese is also concerned about Muslim’s need to pray) and managed to squeeze in Ashar in the last minute plus Maghrib. Then we got together also with Abi, a newcomer of the 2 month Twincle program from ITB, and started our journey to Inage. The train rute is pretty simple to Inage, you only take the Sobu Rapid Line from Narita and one hour later you arrive. But first, we bought a Seica card to ride the train. Seica card is a rechargeable card for taking trains. The price is 2000 yen but there is a 500 yen card price and 1500 yen that you can use to get anywhere. More efficient than having to buy small ticket stubs.

We boarded our train with ease, not as packed as we thought although there is seem to be delays here and there. I’m surprised, Japan. But maybe because of the typhoon, so I’ll cut you some slack. When we arrived, we are greeted by Ai, Edu and Sigit, fellow IPB students and alumni. We then walked to our dorm, about 10 minutes from the station. Got settled in the dorm and find out the room is pretty neat. It’s like a family apartment with kitchen, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave and dryer! Woho!

For dinner, we decided to cook whatever that Ai have (thanks Ai :)). On the process of cooking, lots of PPI Chiba members come and visited us in the apartment. So so so many. Mostly were Twincle students while others are in exchange and continuing their studies here. The apartment was packed and there were food, tea and chatty conversation. Plus a saman tutorial since PPI Chiba will be performing in early November (good luck guys!). It was so much fun since we got new friends and learn a lot about what’s happening around Chiba and Japan. Feels like home away from home 🙂 The party (or get together) ended at midnight and we tidy up, unpacked and went straight to bed excited about what’s in story for tomorrow. Yap, the first day of Twincle Trial Program!


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