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Getting a Bachelor Degree Diplome while Striving for a Master’s Degree

Last Updated on January 7, 2019

Hai all, long time not writting in this blog πŸ™‚ So I’ll let you guys in on what’s happening to me for the past month.

Well on early February, I had been accepted to Bogor Agricultural University graduate school! πŸ˜€ Alhamdulillah since I got to continue my studies straight on (even though a side of me wanted to be that career woman + housewife you see in Sex and the City, lol). I started my master’s classes in February 11 and it has been a ride, ladies and gentleman. Meeting a more diverse classmate composition, having to deal with the unbelievable task, the stress and anxious-ness of thinking about thesis research and just attending the everyday lecture and field/lab work. Not a lot of difference from the undergrads where we learn to work under pressure and almost dying in the fully packed 23-24 credits per semester (only in IPB, I tell you!).

The thing I miss the most is the people that I am close too and the procrastinating! Hahaha. It’s sad to see people you’re so close to for 4 years finally going their own way, even Arga who is soooo engulfed in his work (he was accepted in East West Indonesia BTW πŸ™‚ ). And of course, I can’t procrastinate and study last-minute for the exams anymore. And oh yeah, I’m not that active anymore in students activities, which is really sad πŸ™ But as you know, life must go on. Gotta deal with the ever-so-changing future ahead and get serious! Bismillah πŸ™‚

Special things also happened in the last week of February/first weekend of March. Yes baby it was my graduation ceremony on February 27th and my birthday on March 3rd! :)) So fun to have a graduation ceremony on Wednesday and my birthday on Sunday! :)) Alhamdulillah I got the best graduate in the Faculty of Agriculture! πŸ˜€ It was such an honor, I got to take pics with the rector too. I got a lot of presents and flowers (one bucketfull!). Thanks all :*

My birthday weekend was also a good one! I had a suprise morning attack from the girls (Andin, Dea & Debbie) plus Hafiz! It was sooooooo great seing them again :* Thanks for the mini cake, sayangkuuu. In the afternoon, I also attended one of my best friend in IAAS, Tia’s wedding. It was all lovey dovey (me with Arga too, haha) and a huge reunion with the others. In short, it was a pretty nice birthday. :)) Thanks for the presents too guys! But it’s sad that I can’t make the YLI Wave 4 reunion in Pasific Place in the evening πŸ™ But it was really heartwarming to recieve a phone call from them and a surprise birthday video uploaded on the group (I’ll post this later on). Thanks Afu, Aldo, Wai, Dina, Yosea, Icem, Archie and Ican. *hughughug*

It feels nice writting about good memorable things to share. So what is so special for you this month?


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