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Last Updated on September 18, 2018

can i just let out my emotions in words? i’m irritated. yes i know 2011 has been a great start, but Allah shows me that people can really get on your nerves sometimes.

first, i hate people who can’t understand other people. especially when certain people can’t understand when i’m in a bad mood. please, get a clue. if i’m in a bad mood, i’m not as happy as usual and i usually keep my mouth shut. so if you come around and boss me or get on my nerves, sorry honey, you’re gonna get sprayed. i will snap at you and it won’t be pretty. but that’s just temporary. so please grow up and don’t take it personally. i’m actually a sweet girl, as long as you don’t get on my bad side during my mood swings. ok? so if you don’t understand and keep straying away from me or worse, BITCHING ABOUT ME BEHIND MY BACK. sorry, i will considered that you don’t exist in my world. simple enough? i don’t care if you’re OLDER than me or younger, if i don’t like you, i just don’t like you.

second, i hate people who just want to have the good or the fun part. when they do that, they don’t even ask me to join or participate. when they need to do some hard work, then they come and find me. what a douchebag! recently i’ve been in a situation like this, and i’m pissed. i’m just sick of that attitude. it’s like forgetting your own friend. that’s not a nice thing to do. middle finger greeting.

finally, i hate two faced people. they are sweet in front of you, but they talk crap behind you’re back. i just don’t get this personality. please be mature. i’m not the labil teenager. you are. did you miss out on high school? so that you have to bring the drama into college. pathetic.

okay, enough with my feelings out. i’m gonna pray now. and hopefully Allah SWT. show’s them the light. make them a better person. if not, then make me a more awesome person than they are and let them feel what i feel. because what goes around comes around.


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