Childhood Dreams and Obsession

Last Updated on January 7, 2019

Watching cartoons on a Sunday morning, makes me remember what I wanted to be when I grow up. Well, in the Indonesian school bio data and all I kinda write the boring occupation such as doctor, insinyur, and all that kind of stuff. But having a really good childhood overseas in US, you just learn a lot of cool occupations that you wish could be in the future. For me …

1. Marine Biologist
There was a long phase where I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay obsessed with being a marine biologist. It’s like being a vet to the ocean mammals such as dolphins, whales, and the other cute creatures that breathes oxygen from the air but lives in water. Yes, I was that geek girl who know all about their behavior, their body structure, what they eat and their environment. And I can explain it all in details in front of the class. Everybody knew, my parents also, that I wanted to be a marine biologist. I also live in Florida, where that occupation is pretty cool and it actually can happen. No wonder I was so tan when I was a kid, I spent many hours on the beach and in the pool. :“) So until now, this has been my dream to dive and swim with those marine mammals.

2. Scientist in NASA
Yessir, my yearning from science started when I was little. I also wanted to be a scientist working with NASA and can go up to the International Space Station and stuff. Hahaha. I wanted to be the first woman something to do something for the world in the aerospace division. I think this started when I have to make a science project and I made a super huge model of the solar system (helped by my mom and dad, of course).  Then I started making my own version of the space center in another class project. The exciting thing about this dream is when I finally get to go to The Museum of Air and Space in DC and the NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida! Super space geek mode on! It was more than awesome for me :))

3. Lawyer
I had a very short phase about wanting to be a lawyer. Because I think it was cool since I started watching a lawyer show which I forgot the name is. However, when I got back to Indonesia, I don’t wanna be one. It sucks, IMO 😐

4. Soccer Player
In US, they are equal. They have men and woman’s soccer. And I wanted to be in the woman’s soccer team playing defense. I think the US woman’s soccer team are so cool! B) That’s why I get hung up on playing sports and playing soccer, basketball, flag football, you name it! That’s how I get my big calf, which my boyfriend teased me so much about -_- Plus my dad doesn’t agree that I play professional sports. Well, though luck in wanting to prove Asians do can play good sports. :”|

Those lasted when I was just a child in US. Hey, the coolest thing a child have is an imagination, right? Now what’s my dream? I’m still thinking big, wanting to create a new crop variety that can help the world and have a big impact. Another thanks to Young Leaders for Indonesia program, I got the chance to explore and now really know what my passion is about, so that I don’t run from one dream to another. 🙂 Hopefully that will come true in the future. In the meanwhile, let’s just enjoy classes (again) but with a different feel. Say hello to the start of Graduate School! Cheers!


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