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How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

Last Updated on April 1, 2019

Yes the title is true. We can make a Google friendly article and use Google Ad Monetization to generate an income from it. Read more below to find out the tips I got from attending Blogger Perempuan Network (BPN) and ProPS Blogger Gathering a while back.

In that event, there were two speakers, each from BPN and ProPS. Each speakers give detailed tips and insight on how we can create Google friendly blogpost and how it can generate money. Sounds interesting, eh? Please bare with me and continue reading more below!

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!
Courtesy of Blogger Perempuan Network

Anyhow, I will try to write in in English, since I want the tips to be able to be used by people not only from Indonesia, but also from all over the world. It’s been a while since I’ve wrote my last global content (aka article in English). I hope my writing can help you all get some insight on this blogging topic.

Blogger Perempuan Network x ProPS Blogger Gathering

The event was held in Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta on Saturday, March 16 2019. There were Nunik Utami, a professional blogger & content writer, and Ilona Juwita, CEO of ProPS, a Google Channel Partner. Both women are here to share their knowledge about good content writing and also how to maximize Google Ads in our blog. For what? To create good, strong content that we can generate an income from.

At approximately 10 o’clock in the morning, the event started. The MC for today, Apriejanti, opened the event and without further ado, introduced us to the first speaker, which is Mbak Nunik. The title of Mbak Nunik presentation is How To Make a Google Friendly Content.

Nunik Utami - How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

Mbak Nunik addressed the DA/PA issue. Recently, the DA/PA score of all webpages decreases due to MOZ analytics. She told us not to worry because hey, CONTENT IS KING. It will always be king. The brand is still focused on looking on the content that we have on our sites. So don’t worry!

She told us that a good content is a cool, nice to read and un-judging content. She stated that there are 4 things to take note of when we want to make a good content. Those things are :

  1. Theme – have only 1 theme in your writing. Ex : how to make passport. Don’t have two theme such as “how to make a passport and order a plane ticket”. Just 1 is enough
  2. Informative
  3. Chronological order – so that the readers can easily pick up and read
  4. Have a solution

She also added that a Google Friendly Content is content that follows the trend, have the right title and uses the right SEO techniques. I personally try to apply these things in my article, since I want my article to be read by many people for a long time aka evergreen article.

You can also try to write a spur-of-the-moment article based on what is happening. But the chances of people reading it for a long time is tiny. Since it is a seasonal and trending article. So choose what you want to write about carefully, if you have limited time. If you have much time, then why not write all hihi 😀

Why SEO?

Blogger need to have good SEO techniques in writing their blog because that’s how your article can get to page 1 in Google. That means the article are indexed by Google. The higher it is in Google, the more people see the article (higher article visibility). Thus result in greater page view (if they click on the link).

Mbak Nunik stated also that good SEO techniques will not only bring traffic and Google Index, but it will also affect your personal branding dan your DA/PA score.

Courtesy of Pixabay

What is a Good SEO Technique?

The four main things that we need to focus on if we want to have good SEO across our articles are :

  1. Keyword
  2. Meta Description
  3. Backlink
  4. Content

The room can talk all day about SEO, since it is a very interesting topic. Many bloggers believe that they still need to master SEO techniques and are willing to learn more.

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!
Courtesy of Blogger Perempuan Network

From Mbak Nunik’s presentation and the open Q&A session that day, here are some tips that I got :

  • Have a maximum of 2 dofollow backlink in 1 article, not more.
  • Insert keyword in the beginning, middle and end of the artile.
  • Try to insert the keyword in the first sentence or paragraph of the article.
  • Use 4 keyword for 400-500 words article and about 6 keywords for 1000 words article.
  • Try to put some keyword in the title.
  • Try not to put a picture or quote as the first sentence, since Google will automatically recognize the first thing it sees as a paragraph. It needs to have a keyword in it.
  • Fill in your meta description! With some keywords of course.
  • Use H2 and H3 as subheading. You can put keywords in there too.
  • Use proper Indonesian spelling and EBI.
  • Write from the heart 🙂

I know, I know, there are a lot of keyword in the tips. But that is because it is essential to have and to practice. Don’t forget to research your keyword beforehand. You can manually google it or you can use an app. For me, I use Neil Patel Ubersuggest to help me pick out the right keywords and to see if the keyword is saturated or not.

Introducing ProPS, a Google Channel Partner

After Mbak Nunik session is finished, we move on along to Mbak Ilona’s session. In her presentation, she told us more about ProPS, learn more about Google Ads, why Indonesian are getting so little from their ads and also a quiz.

She introduced ProPS to all the women blogger who attended the event. ProPS is an official Google Channel Partner who helps Google attend to people with inquiries about their business. In short, they help out bridge Google with many premium publisher and also longtail publisher.

What are premium publisher? Those are the publisher with a very high traffic on their websites (IDN Times, Kompas, ect for instance). While an example of the longtail publisher are us, bloggers, hehehe. Oiya, for those of you who wonders where bloggers get their money from, see the picture down below. Now, are you interested in being a blogger? 😀

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

One of the highest revenue stream a blogger can have is from ads. There are direct ads and indirect ads. Both generate money even though the numbers are variable according to each website.

Mbak Ilona told us that the main problem from income through ads are :

  1. Low traffic
  2. Page latency – page load speed
  3. The quality of traffic

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

Page load speed are critical to help increase income through ads. She advised us to have a webpage loaded in under 3 seconds. Higher than that, a fraction of visitors will close your webpage. Closing your webpage means that ads are not seen = no income. Simple but sometimes hard to do.

The quality of traffic also will affect ads placed on your websites. If Google detect you get your visitors in a weird manner, then it will deduct the income you will get from the ads. Even worse, it will block your sites from getting ads altogether.

Don’t worry, there are tips for increasing page latency, such as using AMP and decrease the use of plugin on your web. Sometimes responsive web pages also increases latency. So plan your themes wisely. As for traffic quality, one way you can check is through Google Analytics. Is there any mysterious high source of traffic? Check and recheck while you can.

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

Google Adsense and Google AdX

Mbak Ilona also introduced us to something new, which is Google AdX. While we are familiar with using Google Adsense, there is also Google AdX that is used by premium publisher. Because the requirements to acquire Google AdX is just WOW…

It is quite a lot since Google AdX generate waaay more money. They also have a way to acquire income by just the visitors looking at their ads. While us, bloggers, in Google Adsense acquire income by click, or when people click on our ads in our websites. More difference down below…

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

Optimize Your Platform’s Monetization

Mbak Ilona also gave us some tips on how to optimize our platforms monetization. So we can get a maximal income in what we have on our web. Yeay! Sharing is caring, right? Those things are :

  1. Make sure you have a good quality traffic. Don’t have too many invalid traffic.

    How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

  2. Place ads in places with the highest click potential. You can use Auto Ads (automatic) or Generate Your Own Ad Unit in Google Adsense (set it up yourself).

    How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!
    How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

  3. Use different kind of ad size depending on the placement. Auto Ads users don’t need to worry since it will generate itself through Dynamic Sizing.
  4. Learn and choose different types of ads. There is even a video ads we can use. Interesting…

    How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

  5. Use Native-in-Feeds and Native-In-Article.
  6. Choose the right theme – be able to be read in mobile condition.
  7. Generate content for the global audience.

Why generate global content?

The reason why Indonesia’s ads income are so low is because the low bids placed on each ads (CPO). If you can see it is about $0.02 – $0.05 depending on the ads. While in Dubai, Mbak Ilona said, it can reach up to $25!!! The opportunities are in producing content that draws the global audience to our websites. If we can do that, then we can see an incredible increase in income.

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

How to generate good global content? Here are some tips down below 🙂

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

After we get lots to think about (and lots to do!), we are entertained by a short cooking demo by Endeus TV. They showed us how to make Salak Caesar Salad and Tropical Smoothies. The taste? SO YUMMY! I love the salad’s dressing and salak taste exceptionally well on a salad. I am indeed surprised.

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!

After lunch, there was a closing remark by Mbak Almazia, one of Blogger Perempuan founder. After it finished, all participants took a photo together and finally went home with new knowledge and new insight. Even though I didn’t go home with prizes (a bit sad though haha), but I learned so much today. I have to fix my to do list for those nights in front of the laptop working away in my blog 😉

How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!


How to Create Google Friendly Article and Make Money From It!
Courtesy Blogger Perempuan Network

Thank you Blogger Perempuan and ProPS on such an insightful Blogger Gathering. These tips certainly will help me maintain my blog better. And I hope you can also too 🙂 Thanks for reading!








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