Last Updated on December 10, 2018

The other viewpoint. http://www.cosmopolitan.com/politics/a49326/paris-beirut-attacks-media-coverage/

“To suggest that "no one” is reporting on Beirut, on Garissa, on Baghdad is an affront and an insult to the great many professionals who put their lives in jeopardy to do just that.

Media outlets surely shoulder most of the responsibility for lopsided coverage. But as readers take them to task, it’s also worth a moment of reflection to ask:

Do I read the world section of newspapers, or magazines with a global focus?
Do I regularly share those stories?
Do I do what I can to financially support the individuals who take enormous risks to bring these stories onto my laptop?
Do I read about faraway places even when they aren’t the locus of violence or conflict or tragedy?
Do I pay to subscribe to publications that I think are doing valuable work?

A Facebook status is easy. A sustained commitment to supporting better media coverage is a bigger challenge.“ – View on Path.


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