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From the view of the Minister http://m.tempo.co/read/news/2015/01/04/078632685/Surat-Cinta-Menteri-Jonan-untuk-Para-Pilot . Well said to answer some open letter from several pilots. I know that death is inevitable but here are some of my concern and thoughts about this low-cost flight tragedy.

1. How could a regional airline missed such a vital part of pre-departure sequence, which is the FOO-pilot briefing. I have to agree that briefing with a FOO rather than just figuring out the data and information by yourself is better. The pilot will definitely get more inputs, alternative solutions and flight path which is a benefit to our safety.

2. If they say that FOO task is too much or the HR available is too few, then is it a way for them to keep the price “low-cost”? If yes, then the low-cost flight means risking our lives. I’d rather not fly if that is the case. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

3. How can the QZ8501 flight be granted permission to take off when it is stated that QZ Surabaya-Singapore route is not scheduled for Sunday? Of course a plane can not just fly when it wants to. ATC, Changi and people responsible for flight schedule must know and that’s a whole lot of people. Then something is really fishy about this condition.

4. Stop the habit of exploiting the victim’s family sadness and grief. This is not a drama set to entertain the public.

5. Stop the habit of blaming the pilot. I believe that he has done all in his power to turn the situation around. Maybe God has a better plan.

6. Stop making stupid and sick SARA jokes and whatsoever. It is disrepectful and automatically downgrades you as a human.

7. May the victims RIP. #prayforairasia #prayforqz8501 #airasiaqz8501 โ€“ View on Path.


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