Review – Beauphoria “Cupcake” Hair Keeper

Hellooo girls! Setelah menjadi anggota Sociolla Blogger Network, akhirnya datang juga produk pertama yang direview. Kali ini saya mendapatkan Hair Keeper dari Beauphoria! Bagi yang kurang familiar dengan brand Beauphoria, brand ini berdiri sejak tahun 2013. Dengan menggabungkan kata BEAUTY danEUPHORIA, brand ini metargetkan produknya …

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Hellooo girls (and guys)! Kali ini saya break dulu nulis mengenai kehamilan dan wedding yaaa. Saya ingin membahas salah satu Blogger Network yang saya ikuti, yaitu Sociolla Blogger Network. Psst, bagi yang baca sampai habis, bisa dapat kode voucher sociolla loh! Hihihi. Semenjak mulai rajin …

So here goes. This post is dedicated to my best girls.
We’ve been best friends for 10 years, ever since high school. Our talks go way back from who was our high school crush up until now to who’s the next person to get engaged. Time flies but real friendship lasts and I know for sire that this is the kind of friendship that will sustain all the wrinkles and backpains ahead haha.

We were lucky enough to have a Bachelorette Party in @2storiesbogor wih the whole full team. Long story short, it was a short notice, but the staff was awesome and so was the food. Thanks Two Stories for helping us make yet another memorable moment. 💋

So this is my (well, our) story. What’s yours? @visitbogor #TwoStories #SeasonofLoveQuiz #story #friends #bestfriends #girls #groupphoto #love #bachelorette #dinner #visitbogor #instamoment #red #black
(at Two Stories,,,Good Food &Drinks)

With the condition in our political environment, kind of hard to stay sane this madness. Hopefully good will win againts evil and the truth on whoever is right and clean will eventually be revealed. And of course, the next generation (which is us) who is in charge of the country is certainly not insane. #savekpk #savepolri #saveindonesia #prayforindonesia #cleanpolitics #cleangovernment #friends #hope #millenials #change #galerinasional #art #mural #instamoment (at National Gallery of Indonesia)