My Pregnancy Diary – First Obgyn Check-Up

21 Juni 2016 Setelah pada pagi harinya mengetahui bahwa saya positif hamil, Arga langsung menuju ke RS terdekat untuk mengetahui jadwal dokter kandungan agar kami bisa segera periksa. Luckily, RS terdekat hanya berjarak 5 menit dari kostan atau 10 menit berjalan kaki yaitu RS Risa Sentra Medika Selong, Lombok Timur. Jadwal dokter obgyn pada hari …

My Pregnancy Diary – Two Stripes Club!

Kali ini saya mau share mengenai perjalanan kehamilan saya selama trimester pertama. Saya sekarang sudah mau memasuki trimester ketiga, tapi baru sempet nulis mengenai kehamilan sekarang hehehe. Yaaa sekalian ingin mendokumentasikan cerita ini biar Baby bisa baca perjuangan Ibunya pada saat hamil hahahaha.  photo courtesy of Cerita ini bermulai ketika saya dan Arga berada di …

Meet Arga.
He is my best teammate.
They say marriage is teamwork, so that’s what we’re prepping ourselves into. The best teammate for each other.

He’s not the overly romantic type. He’s not a mind reader. Not the type who surprises me with flowers and gift every anniversary. Not the type to text or call every hour (I mean who does, kinda annoying anyway haha). But behind all the tough guy personality is someone who genuinely cares about me.

He doesn’t mind if his lady is in the spotlight. He’s always cheering me on and wants me to be the best that I can be, career-wise and academic-wise. He’s supporting me to be an independent woman. All that he’s done during our almost 5 years relationship, including the past 2 long distance relationship years. That’s what I love about him. ❤ #ValentineswithTBD

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Monday Meetup! I have the super lucky chance to catch up with fellow @iaasipb alumni in campus today 😍😍😍 something that can rarely be done in this age (hahahaha)…

On the left is @erik_mulya aka #erikneverstop my senior in AGH who’s travelled Europe and US plus he’s already finished his Master’s Thesis on time.
Next is the new drh @rioang89 who’s just finished his DVM comprehension test and now a legit vet! He’s going away for Master’s in Edinburgh on Friday. On the far right is @annisaa_potter my senior since junior high. She just launched her book Student Traveller about her adventures travelling. She’s been to 21 country in 5 years! (Review of her book coming soon in blog 😊)

All of them are super inspiring in their own way. ❤ It doesn’t make me jealous though, it makes me more motivated to do something great in my own field of work and expertise. Since the best thing we can do for others is to support and inspire each other in life.
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Thought via Path

Opini tentang kebijakan transportasi ala “Green Campus IPB” Waktu untuk membaca: 3 menit. Sudah banyak yang menyebarkan berita bahwa IPB akan menyegerakan kebijakan untuk melarang kendaraan ber-BBM di dalam Kampus Dramaga. Uji coba mobil listrik dan bis juga sudah dilakukan di sekitar kampus mulai tanggal 1 September yang lalu, bertepatan dengan Dies Natalis IPB. Banyak …

September has begun! Now there are only 4 months left in the year. Time to step on the gas and finished what needs to be finished this year so that we can focus on bigger and better things in 2016.

Work hard, play hard, pray hard. Bismillahirahmanirrahim. Hope all goes well.

Anw I have to complement @instagram move in making landscape picture available for us. We’re not limited to squares anymore. Plus the ability to geotag better! ❤ Loves!

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