My #2016bestnine ❤ This year Allah gave me tons of blessings. Finally finished my Masters Degree, got married, have a fun marriage for the past 8+ months, got pregnant and expecting real soon, started to build our small cozy house and saw my family achieved many awesone things.

Besides blessings there’s also challenges. Challenges in moving far from my parents (even though for a short time), adapting to new in-laws and new family, realizing that I have someone (and a baby) to take care of, evaluating my time management for this new situation, learning how it is being pregnant, financial decision that really affect the future and all the emotions that goes on in preparing being a new mom.

This 9 pictures are just some of my happiness. It makes me realizes that challenges I had gone through and will face are just there to make me stronger. We can’t be caught up in obstacles since after every storm there is a rainbow. In every cloud there is a silver lining. Everything is possible and will go smoothly with Allah’s and parent’s blessing. Bismillah for a better (and lovelier) 2017 for all of us!

Xoxo, Faradila 💋
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