Gastromaquia's Special Ramadhan Menu

Gastromaquia’s Special Ramadhan Menu

Ramadhan sebentar lagi! Wah sudah kebayang kan segala macam hal yang berkaitan dengan Ramadhan terutama that never ending choice of where to eat for break fasting. Hahaha, hal itu sudah menjadi masalah klasik sejak dulu masih sekolah. Dimana tempat yang enak untuk buka bersama yang makanannya juga mengenyangkan dan bisa menampung banyak orang? Kali ini …

Batik’s galore! 🙂 Really in love with every single one of the fabric. One of my dreams is to collect them all from all across Indonesia.
#batik #indonesia #indonesian #heritage #traditional #fabric #fashion #instamoment #galeriindonesiakaya (at Galeri Indonesia Kaya – Grand Indonesia Shopping Town 8th Fl.)

Just voted today! 🙂 it felt awesome to take part in the second largest election after the US. The day where every Indonesian have the right and option to choose for the future regardless of their race, religion, jobs and social status. Hopefully the right choices are made & the people who wins understand that we are counting on them to make a positive difference and developments! #vote #pemilu2014 #indonesia #indonesian #jariungu #rockthevote #instamoment