20 Facts About Me

Wohoo, tagged by @ririnprameswari & @accesstiachristy for this #20factsaboutme challenge. So challenge accepted guys! Here goes 🙂

1. A typical Pisces with A blood type. Pretty accurate to describe myself.
2. An ENFJ. Took the test four times and still got the same result. Not so dissapointing 🙂
3. Love cheese! Introduced by my aunt when I was just 3, now I’m kind of addicted to it.
4. My whole family attended the same university in which I majored in the same thing as my parents. Only my little sister is different.
5. My dream job is to represent Indonesia’s agriculture in the international world! Or be a professor.
6. Love teaching. To simply put it, I like to share my knowledge and experience with others.
7. Have no problem with public speaking, the bigger the crowd, the better! Miss being an MC for events sometimes.
8. Have an obsession for shoes! I splurge on this.
9. I’m an avid reader. I love to read books and article and journals wkwk.
10. I play basketball and love to exercise, even though sometimes my schedule won’t let me do it 🙁 now trying ways to keep fit with short amount of time.
11. Can’t drive a motorcycle and not in any interest to learn how to do it either.
12. Procastinator at its best! Well, now it’s better.
13. Very loyal. I have a tight (couple of) group of friends from high school and college which I trust very much. I don’t trust easily.
14. Have a passion about plant breeding and plant production in agriculture.
15. Wants to be famous for something noteable.
16. Love travelling and learning about other culture. Maybe my childhood years in US triggers me to have this strong feelings and curiosity about other countries and culture.
17. Like to use my time as efficient as possible.
18. Joined International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences LC IPB in 2008. Which help gave me the most memorable moments and achievements in my life! Plus a boyfriend hahaha, thanks IAAS!
19. Mini. Yes I am only 150 cm tall. But I’m concetrated awesome! Hahahahaha
20. Moody, although I am learning not to let my mood control me. On progress though. 🙂

For those of you tagged, now it’s your turn!

Losing a Friend

I guess one of the many heartbreak we have to deal with in life is losing a friend forever. Can’t believe how soon this is, but least now you’re in a better place.

Thanks for the years full of laughter! Gonna miss the rants you have about Liverpool, mine about MU and the fights that followed after hahaha.

BTW, I still can outrun you anytime, like that time on my birthday. You totally failed cracking an egg on my head. :“) You may be gone, but the good memories stays forever.

We all love you Jen, but Allah loves you more. You will always be our big loveable yet mischievous teddy bear.

Rest In Peace. *Al-Fatihah*